Gluten-Free Dark Bread

Gluten-Free Dark Bread

Gluten-Free Dark Bread

600 g, Sliced, frozen

The color of the bread is dark. Plum marmalade and syrup give this loaf a pleasant sweet taste.

Frozen, Gluten free, Egg-free, Lactose-free, Milk-free, Soya-free, Nut-free, Vegan,
Ingredients Ingredients
/100gsingle product (50g)
Energy 980Kj / 230kcalKj / KcalKcal
protein 2,6g
Carbonhydrates 49,7g
- witch of sugars 4,8g
fat 2,7g
- witch of saturated 0,7g
dietary fibre 2,9g
salt 1,0g
Product informations Product informations

ingredients :

Water, rice flour, maize starch, modified tapioca starch, plum marmalade (sugar, water, plums, setting agents (pectin, E401), preservative (E202)), syrup, rapeseed oil, potato flakes, sugar beet fibre, yeast, salt, thickeners (carboxy methyl cellulose, guar gum), emulsifier (E471).

storage instructions :

Store at -18°C or colder. Storing in room temperature or in refrigerator is not recommended. Once defrosted do not re-freeze.


best before : 425 päivää

directions for use :

Toast a slice of frozen bread in a toaster or heat a slice of frozen bread in a microwave oven with full power (800 W) for about 20-30 s/slice. The slice of bread can also be defrosted at room temperaturefor for about half an hour. Consume immediately after defrosting as the bread slice dries quickly.

ordering info ordering info

sales unit : 8 pakkausta

Product number : 331123

gtin : 6431903311230

sales unit gtin : 6431906311237

sales unit product number: 631123

sales unit net weight : 4800g

sales unit gross weight : 5113g

boxes/pallet : 40

pallet net weight : 192kg

pallet gross weight : 230kg