Road to Europe markets

  •  1955 Saimi Moilanen baked first rye loaves
  •  By 1972 Moilanen's home bakery became too small. The new, bigger bakery rose Naarajärvi agglomeration - current Pieksänmaa municipality.
  • In the 1980s Moilas Ltd became one of the first to introduce low-salted breads and organic breads.
  • Since 1985, we have been actively developing gluten-free products.
  • In the 1990s Moilas Ltd launched the first frozen pastries. These cocktail pie rose a real smash hit - many of them talks about a natural "Moilas".
  •  1998 a separate gluten-free bakery was introduced. The bakery is located by the lake, about three kilometers from the traditional bakery
  •  2002 gluten-free bakery was renovated, and its connection with the construction of a new pizza & snack lines and bigger frozen storage.
  •  Today Moilas, bread and frozen pastries are a common sight in shops all over Finland, and gluten-free products are exported also active in various parts of Europe.
  • Saimi Moilanen's dough Heritage root has grown nationally and internationally important as a bakery. Moilas Ltd is still a family business. The son of the company founder Jussi Moilanen and his wife Marketta Moilanen's family consists of son Ville and daughter Anne who are representing the third generation Moilanen.