Welcome to our bakery!

Bakery has a store, whose product range includes sweet and savory pastries, prepared food, rice and potato pies, freshly baked breads and rolls.

In our store you will also find a variety of pie with frozen foods, as well as a wide range of naturally gluten-free products. The store's specialty is a bread bag, which you choose yourself your bread.

In addition, the café offers a classy lunch. Lunch is served on weekdays at 10.30 - 13.45. Lunch € 9.50 and € 7.60 salad lunch.
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Moilanen's cafe-shop, including orders from this number
Paakarinpolku 1, 76 850 Naarajärvi
tel. 015 7851 251 • 044 761 4422
E-mail: myymala@moilas.com
Map Link to shop-cafe
Mon-Fri 07: 00-18: 00 • LA 08: 00-15: 00 • Sun closed
- Café will be closed 30 minutes before the store's closing time