Pioneer in gluten-free products

Moilanen's gluten-free bakery is the second largest in Europe and one of the world's most modern gluten-free bakeries. Strong expertise and experience has been accumulated for over twenty years.

Moilanen's gluten-free bakery is on one of Europe's most advanced baking technologies. The products are cooled and frozen food from the oven. They retain their freshness and taste until enjoyed. Freezing also ensures that no need to add preservatives products.

The variety and significance of gluten-free products have increased year by year. Today, the range includes a wide range of plain bread, rolls, pizzas, savory snacks and sweet pastries. We also produce a variety of seasonal products and catering products. Moilas gluten-free sets are continuously being developed, new items and alternatives for gluten-free diets will be like all the time.

Innovative player in its field Moilas got the first one to introduce a Europe-wide license for gluten-free products (Pan-European Cross Grain license), which packs a sign Moilas gluten-free products is describing the gluten grain on the cob symbol. Labelling of products with the symbol easily recognizable, and clearly indicates that the product is suitable for gluten-free diets.