Options for coeliacs diet

There is an easy and safe option for home baking: Moilanen, gluten-free range is a plenty of choice of salt and the sweet tooth. Gluten-free range includes a wide range of plain bread, rolls, pizza, snacks and sweet pastries. Moilas Gluten-Free can be enjoyed at the sight of a serving of safely even outside the home. Gluten-free sets are continuously being developed.

Frozen food - always fresh

Most of the Moilas Gluten-Free products are sold frozen products (with the exception of dry products: pasta, cookies and breadcrumbs). Moilanen's gluten-free bakery has one of the most advanced leivontateknologioista. The pastry is cooled and frozen food from the oven. They retain their freshness and taste until enjoyed. Freezing Storage habit also ensures that the baked goods do not need to add preservatives.

Gluten-free - we use wheat starch?

Moilas Gluten-free products are mostly made without wheat starch, wherein the definition of the most sensitive celiac stomach. the production of gluten-free product is used only for naturally gluten-free cereals such as rice, corn and buckwheat. Several products are also suitable for persons allergic to cereal. product contains wheat starch recognize the front side of the blue info box.

Feasting despite dietary restrictions

Moilas Gluten-free products are lactose-free, lactose-intolerant so does not prevent the gourmet food. The products do not contain wheat starch or nuts. Milk protein is just a matter of the product.

Less salt

Moilas Ltd is a pioneer in the development of a low salt content in bakery products. This is also gluten-free bakery products assortments. Change in diet with less salt in the direction of a beneficial effect on blood pressure, among other things.

Easy, convenient, safe

Gluten-free products are frozen from the oven, so that the product is consumed fresh-baked like. Most of the products have been sliced or divided into smaller doses, so that the whole package does not need to digest all at once. Gluten-free pastries in the mind to deal with separate and different instruments than usual, baked goods contain gluten.

Our products ensure gluteiinittomuus twice a year by an accredited laboratory tasks gluteenittomuusanalyyseilla. We contract gluteenittomuustutkimukset also new products and, if necessary. For further information please contact us.